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The following links will take you to pages that address the following topics regarding each individual Audi model:

The features of our Blausport Audi shocks and Audi struts.
The fitment of our Blausport Audi shocks and struts.
Factory Audi comfort suspension verses Audi sport suspension (1999-on models).
Description of front and rear Audi shock set-ups and Audi strut set-ups.
How to determine if your Audi shocks or Audi struts are bad?
Importance of replacing the Audi shock or strut mounts, stops, and boots?

Blausport Audi Shocks & Struts:

We've packaged these kits using over 20 years of service knowledge and experience. Our Blausport Audi shock or Audi strut kits are packaged to include all the necessary components (i.e. shock mounts, bump stops, dust boots, and shock related hardware) to ease installation. Blausport's Audi shocks and Audi struts meet/exceed the quality construction of Audi KYB GR2 shocks, Boge shocks, and Bilstein shocks (Touring Class Brand). When replacing all critical components you can be assured of that new Audi feel again! With decades of specialized Audi experience we understand how important the Audi driving experience is. Be assured that Blausport's Audi shock and Audi strut kits make it better. "Feel The Road" with Blausport's Audi shocks and struts!

Blausport has kits for many Audi models: Audi A4 shocks, Audi A6 struts, Audi A6 shocks, Audi S4 struts, Audi S4 shocks, Audi S6 struts, Audi S6 shocks, Audi TT struts, Audi TT shocks, Audi 100 struts, Audi 100 shocks, Audi 200 struts, Audi 200 shocks, Audi V8 struts, Audi V8 shocks, Audi 5000 struts, Audi 5000 shocks. Our Audi shock strut kits make replacment easy!
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